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Holiday / Winter Time Pet Dangers

We all look forward to the holiday and winter season. But it is important to understand that this time of year can pose unique opportunities for your pets to get into trouble. Please review the comprehensive list of items below to ensure that your pets have a safe holiday and winter season. If you have any questions about the items listed below, please call us at 925-829-7297 and one of our Four Paws Dublin team members will be happy to assist.

Everyone here at Four Paws Veterinary Center wants to wish your family a safe and happy holiday season!

Foods Items:

Bones, Meat Trimmings, Fat


Raisons/Grapes/Meat Nuts



Can lead to gastrointestinal blockage, perforations or severe upset

Can lead to stomach upset (vomiting), seizures, heart trouble and death

Can lead to kidney and neurologic problems

Can lead to blood loss and anemia

Small amounts can induce coma and respiratory arrest

Decorative Items:


Christmas Tree / Tree Water

Electrical Cords


Candles / Potpourri

Can lead to intestinal obstruction and perforation

Unsecure trees can fall; Tree water preservatives can lead to illness

Chewing cords can lead to electrical shock and death

Glass bulbs or metal hangers can easily be swallowed

Can trigger asthma; Fires or burns possible with curious pets

Holiday Plants:


Holly / Mistletoe


Can lead to kidney failure (esp. cats)

Can lead to severe digestive or heart problems

Can lead to severe digestive upset

Miscellaneous Dangers:


Antifreeze (including non-toxic forms)

Party Guest / Visitors

Can lead to intestinal blockage and chemical burns

Can lead to kidney failure and death

Escape-prone pets may accidentally be let out; Guest / Visitor may not be aware of the dangers listed above

For those who may be traveling to the mountains for the holidays for winter recreation should be aware of the following dangers:

Ice Melt / Rock Salt

Cold outside temperatures

Low oxygen levels at high altitude

Ice build-up in between toes

Can chemically burn foot pads

Can lead to hypothermia

Can irritate or endanger pets with pre-existing breathing condition

Can result in severe pain and limping