Four Paws Veterinary Center

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 Our Staff Members




Jen Southard

Jen has worked in the veterinary field since 2004. Throughout her life, she has raised many different species of animals including rabbits, swine, horses, and cows. Jennifer currently enjoys the company of her three dogs, Kallie, a Border Collie mix, Emma, a Formosan Mountain dog and Beanz, a Border Collie mix. She also has an orphaned cat named Pickles which she cared for and bottle-fed since birth, and a second cat named Mikey. 

In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter, hiking, day trips to the beach with her dogs, spending time with her family, and reading.



Emily Lindgren

Emily has always had an interest in helping animals and has always had a few furry friends around the house. Her first job was at a horse stable in the Saratoga hills where she led trail rides, took kids around the property on pony rides, and practiced barrel racing. Emily has always worked around animals and is currently training to become a veterinary assistant. In her spare time Emily enjoys fishing, camping, off roading, and relaxing with her tri-pawed dog, America.



Sarah Lawrence, CVA

Sarah grew up locally in San Ramon and currently resides in Tracy. She has always had a love for and desire to work with animals from a very young age. Dogs have always been her first love, but she is known as the resident cat whisperer here at Four Paws. She has over 8 years of experience caring for rescue, feral and boarding felines. Sarah has been a Four Paws Team member since 2015 and in February 2020, she became a Certified Veterinary Assistant.

In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her fiancé Tanner, attending sporting events, cooking, vacationing in Lake Tahoe and traveling.

Madison Smyrni, CVA

Madison is currently attending college studying to be a radiology technologist. She's always enjoyed being around animals and she's been surrounded by dogs her whole life. She has a Belgian Malinois Shepherd named Bindi, a Shih Tzu mix named Paisley, a Sheltie mix named Kobe and a parakeet named Toby. She grew up with many different types of animals such as cats, hamsters, fish, turtles, geckos, guinea pigs, and birds. 

When Madison is not working or at school, she enjoys being around friends and spending time with her dogs.

Kareen Miller

It was because of a homeless kitty that brought Kareen to Four Paws. Chica, the homeless kitty, wandered into Kareen's yard sickly, thin and hungry for a new and loving home. With the help of a local rescue organization, Four Paws and a place to call home, Chica made a full recovery. Kareen was so impressed by the kindness that was practiced at Four Paws that she needed to be a part of our team.

Kareen grew up in Redondo Beach, has a B.S. in Health Science Administration and is currently living in Livermore with her husband, Bill, and their four cats: Gemma, Penny, Baby and Chica.

Michelle Fry

Michelle has always had a love for animals. She grew up next to a veterinary school student which inspired her passion to work with animals. Previously, she has worked at a Wyoming ranch driving a two horse drawn wagon and caring for pets at a boarding/daycare facility.

When Michelle is not working, she is pampering for her two cats Maui and Heather, biking and traveling.

Jenny Bruner, CVA

Jenny was raised in the Micronesian islands with no knowledge of what a veterinarian was, but always had a love and urge to care for animals. She grew up around dogs, cats, pigs and even fruit bats. Growing up, Jenny had no idea veterinary medicine could be a career, but she knew caring for animals made her happy. She was so passionate about animals, she would sneak them her food, gain their trust, play with them and love them.

In her free time, Jenny loves camping, spending time outdoors with her dog Loki and spending quality time with her family.

Sabrina Stermer, CVA

Sabrina returned to Four Paws after spending some time away to further her education. She will receive her degree in companion animal science from UC Davis in the spring of 2021. Her ultimate goal is to become a veterinarian, but until then, she is enjoying the opportunity to learn grow and teach at Four Paws. Sabrina has worked with animals of all sizes, such as, cattle, goats, dogs, cats and fish and finds every day in the field just as exciting as the last. 

In her free time, Sabrina enjoys hiking, surfing, rock climbing and spending time with her rescue cat, Ronin.

Rachel Miller

Rachel grew up locally in Dublin and has always had a love for animals. She grew up with Cooper, a miniature poodle, and at age, Rachel rescued her own dog, Sulley. She is currently in school to become a registered veterinary technician and loves working with animals.

In her free time, Rachel loves to spend time with her family and her dogs. She also enjoys baking and watching Disney movies.

Sarah Campbell

Living and growing up in Colorado, Sarah spent her life around animals and has worked in petcare since 2019. Sarah is passionate about the safety of pets and ensuring they feel comfortable while in her care. She knows pets feel anxious away from their families, so she takes moments to soothe pets with love and praise.

Outside of work, Sarah has an artists heart and is a skilled interior designer. California is the latest state she calls home and she enjoys exploring its natural beauty and wonderful wines.

Alexis Oertel

Growing up, Alexis has always had a love for animals. Throughout her life she always had an animal friend in the house, whether that be a dog, hamster, guinea pig, fish or bunny. While Alexis was in high school she volunteered at an animal shelter, but it wasn't until college when she realized working with animals made her happy. She is excited to learn and grow at Four Paws.

In her free time, Alexis enjoys working out, traveling, spending time with friend and family and cuddling with her fur babies.

Renee Munson

Renee has always had a love for animals, but her first pet, Skye, took her love for animals to a whole other level. Skye is a cat Renee rescue as a stray three years ago and they are inseparable. Currently, Renee is in the RVT program at Modesto Junior College. Although she loves animals of all shapes and sizes, she has a special place in her heart for cats and is destined to be a cat lady later in life. 

In her free time, Renee enjoys spending time with her family, eating out at different restaurants (sushi is her favorite!) and spoiling Skye every chance she gets.